Trip to Ranau Giring

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On June 4, 2016, Pastor Ambrose and his team visited an independent church group in Ranau Giring. The church was established about 80 years ago by the Dusun people and located on land owned by these people, who are natives to this location.

Ranau 2

Currently the church is being pastored by Pastor Matwin and his uncle. The church attendance seems to be steady at around 30-plus adults and approximately 20 children and babies. The worship was lively and the people were very attentive as the word was delivered by Pastor Ambrose. At the end of the service, several people came forward for healing and the Lord was faithful to touch each need and bring healing.


Pastor Matwin then asked for Pastor Ambrose and his team to pray for a spiritual renewal and refreshing over him and the Church. He had indicated that it had been a while since guests had come and ministered to the church in the way that they were ministered to on this day. The ministry was well received and the opportunity to grow the church spiritually in sound doctrine was an expressed need.


Currently the people are meeting in the main living area of a home, but the church is currently in the process of building a new church building. The church structure and the church leadership can be seen in the picture below:

Ranau 3

The church has targeted a completion date of the building for some time in December. While viewing the church structure, there was discussion in regards to funding assistance to help the church purchase building materials to complete the building. 


All glory to God for His work in Ranau and for the faithful believers there!

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