How To Be A Credentialed Minister With Foursquare Malaysia


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Church Credentials

1. Christian Worker

This category of credential is offered to believers who are 18 years old or older. Each applicant has to be recommended by a Pastor or Church Elder (preferably a Foursquare minister and from the applicant’s Church).

Recommended Courses for Christian Worker to be taken within 2 years of the credential:

  1. Biblical Mandate for Church-Planting
  2. Communicating Effectively for Evangelism
  3. New Testament Survey


2. Exhorter

Those who are 18 years old and older are eligible if they are presently serving as Ministry Leaders, Departmental Leaders, Cell Leaders or in any leadership capacity. Those who are credentialed Christian Workers would automatically be eligible for the Exhorter credential.

Recommended Courses for Exhorter to be taken within 2 years of the credential

  1. Biblical Stewardship
  2. Old Testament Survey
  3. Effective Christian Leadership
  4. Power Evangelism

Note: If a candidate has completed equivalent courses from other Bible Institutions, then the Foursquare Board will waive the requirement for those courses.


Clerical Credentials

1. Licensed Minister

A license is specifically provided to full-time ministers or church leaders who have the gift and ability to preach, teach or minister as defined by Foursquare Malaysia. The license may either be a step toward ordination or an endorsement of a gifted church person for ministry within the local church and also the denomination.

Recommended Courses for Licensed Minister to be taken within 2 years of the credential

  1. Systematic Theology
  2. Pastors As Managers
  3. Goal Setting for Church Planting
  4. The Practice of Worship and Prayer
  5. Book of Acts


2. Ordained Minister

A person planning to become an ordained minister may…

  • Be an existing leader and minister in a local Foursquare or Foursquare-approved church or ministry.
  • Be preparing for the Christian ministry as a primary vocation.
  • Be pastoring an existing church or launching a new church plant.
  • Be a missionary or itinerant minister.
  • Be serving in a capacity that the Foursquare Board supports and approves.

Recommended Courses for Ordained Minister to be taken within 2 years of the credential

  1. Pastoral Leadership
  2. The Art of Effective Preaching
  3. Small Group Ministries
  4. Church Planting and Mission
  5. The Pastoral Epistles (Timothy to Titus)
  6. Pluralism


Church Affiliation

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